Comfortable Artistic Style

Based on extensive interviews with our clients, our challenges were to create an environment that was an artistic mix of traditional and transitional interior design. They wanted it be artistic and sophisticated. They also wanted each piece to be unique. Because our clients were young and have an active son, they wanted their home to be comfortable and practical, as well as stylish. They loved brown, turquoise and orange. They wanted each room to have a unique look, but still blend together. We used comfortable and stylish furniture with artistic accents in pillows, throws, artwork and accessories.  We hunted the markets for all the perfect accessories and artwork that are the jewelry of a home.

Transitional kitchen-1-453017-edited.jpg
comfortable artistic style
Transitional living room-1-257398-edited.jpg
Artistic comfortable dining room-933018-edited.jpg
Transitional master bath-933897-edited.jpg
Imported contemporary chest-016683-edited.jpg




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