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I ask my clients about how they want to live in their home and what their goals and dreams are for their home. I ask them about function and what they like to do. I also ask them if there are rooms in their home that are not being used. I believe that every room should have a purpose and be used. Then I take dimensions and go back to my computer and come up with creative interior solutions that will work great for them. I use CAD (computer aided design), PowerPoint, floor plans and fabric boards to help them understand the concept. My goal is to make it easy for my clients to visualize their rooms.

Below are some CAD photos of designs I have put together to show creative ways to solve interior design problems.                                                                                                                                   

Formal living room turned into Conversation / Wine lounge

Living room wine lounge_CAD

Above is a project that I am working on right now. It is almost completed (this is the CAD photo). The client wanted to update her home from a dark Old World look to a lighter transitional feel. The client wanted to use the room for entertaining their friends. They told me they wanted to use the room. I went back to work and came up with a new design that was better for conversation. We replaced their sofa and two chairs with four comfortable chairs. We also added a wine cabinet on the wall entering the room. This also makes a great room to sit and read.

_Living mirror_T (2)

The above CAD photo shows an arch that looks like it goes in to the above living room. In reality it is a mirrored arch that is reflecting the living room. When doing this it is important to place something in front of the mirror so nobody will walk into it. This is a great way to add interest and visually expand your room.


Resort Styled Luxury Master Bathroom

These CAD photos show a luxury master bathroom with all the amenities of a resort styled spa. 

Master bath_Master Bathroom-14 (2T)

Let me come up with Creative Interior Design Solutions for Your Home


The overhead view show his and her closets, a sauna, a steam shower, a air tub and seating.

Master bath_Master bath-1 (1)

Please read our blog for more information. Luxury Resort Style Master Bathroom for Your Home

Master bath_Master Bathroom-13 T



Sports Bar

Sports Bar-CAD

Sports _ Bar_ CAD

This CAD design above shows a game room that I tuned into a Sports Bar. A room like this can have multiple televisions, comfortable seating, pool table and a bar. A room like this can be designed to fit the client's needs. You might want it to be set up for family games or maybe Texas Hold'em.


Resort Styled Spa in Your Home

Spa 3_8T

In these CAD photo you can see a lower level walkout basement that was changed into a Spa. Please read our blog "How to add a Resort Style Spa to Your Home".  We designed a spa very much like this one for one of my clients. It included a sauna, a air tub, a fireplace, a large steam shower and an exercise area.

Spa 3_9T (2)


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Spa 3_10T 2

You could even change a unused bedroom into a Yoga Studio.

Yoga Studio_1 T


Art Gallery

Art gallery CAD

Many new homes today have grand hallways that take you from the foyer to the main living area. This type of design creates a dramatic entrance to the home. These wide hallways are a great place to have an Art Gallery. This a great place to put artwork that inspires you. The hallway can then be finished with good lighting, beautiful rugs and benches to view the artwork.


Media Room / Home Theater

Home Theater CAD

A home theater does not just have to be used for watching movies. Many new homes have a medium size media room on the first floor. These rooms are not normally as big as second floor theaters, but they can be more functional. Being on the first floor makes them more accessible. You can use the room for watching movies, watching TV shows, exercising, entertaining,. yoga or dancing. If you have young children or grandchildren, I bet they would love a dance party.



A Booth for Your Dinette

Booth_Dinette CAD

Booths are great. It gives you a cozy comfortable place to sit for hours. It makes a great place to hunt for recipes on your tablet or sip some coffee and chat with your family.


Wine Lounge Media Room

Wine room CAD

The room above is a small dining room changed into a wine lounge. Most dining rooms don't get used anymore, so why not change it into a room you can use every day. The wall to the right is a floor to ceiling mirror that has the effect of doubling the space. The bookcase wall can be decorative wine storage or climate controlled. Add comfortable seating, mood lighting and appetizers for an enjoyable room. This room is also a great place to entertain good friends. 


Conversation Grouping


Below are three photos: a before photo, a CAD (computer aided design) photo and an after (finished) photo. The before photo shows the dining room when I first got there. The second photo shows the presentation CAD photo and the third shows the finished room.

This client moved into their new home and it had a large dining room that they told me they would not use very much. They also have a large dinette area and a place for 4 bar stools at their kitchen island.

The homeowner (she was great to work with) said she would like to add seating. I went to work and came up with a plan to use six chairs facing each other. This set up encourages conversation. They had a party soon after the room was finished and at one point there were 13 people sitting in the chairs, ottoman and the 3 pull up pouf ottomans. This is also a great spot to sit by yourself and read a book. The room has been a big hit.

Before Photo

Conversation room before photo


CAD Photo

CAD Conversation Room


After Photo

Conversational grouping After

The client wanted a more Modern look, so we took out the Old-World chandelier and replaced it with a chandelier that coordinates with the ceiling design in the room. We kept the color scheme neutral with teal accents. The chairs are swivel gliders with down pillows. They are very comfortable. They wanted this to also be a great family gathering room, so we used tall bookcases and filled them with family photo frames. The large horse artwork was used to add drama to the room.

Let me come up with Creative Interior Design Solutions for Your Home


TV Conversation Room

TV Conversational grouping CAD

Most family rooms are centered around the TV. Sometimes there are other ways to set up a family room. In the CAD photo above there are 4 swivel chairs that can turn towards the TV or turn towards each other for a conversational grouping.


Teenager Video Room

Video Game Room-CAD

Do you have teenagers at home who play video games? If you do, you might want to set up a dedicated room for them.You could use a game room that is not being used, an extra bedroom or in some states, a basement. I had one client say that she would rather have their teenagers and friends be at her home then not know where they are. The room can also be used as a game room. Maybe a shuffleboard table.

My goal is to come up with creative solutions that will improve the lives of my clients.

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