Outdoor Living Ideas for Fun and Comfort

Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Jun 30, 2013 @ 02:02 PM
Michael Foran

   You can make your outdoor area even more fun this summer by adding a summery outdoor feature.

  This may include a pizza oven, some really comfortable outdoor furniture, a movie screen or an outdoor shower.  Any of these items can transform your space into a great place to take your own staycation.

   Make your Dallas outdoor living more fun by setting up a lawn game, such as horse shoes or bocce ball.  If you have no lawn you can set up a game of bocce or petanque right on a gravel court or driveway.

  Other outdoor living ideas are to use a rustic wood coffee table on your patio or deck with a basin made right in it for ice and cold drinks. This makes it so handy for entertaining.

   You can also make your outdoor area more romantic by adding candle light, gazebos, and objects made of natural items such as flowers and seashells. 

   Lanterns and outdoor dining is almost always a romantic experience, especially if you can watch the sunset together on a comfortable chair for two or nice outdoor sofa.  Interior designers know a lot of outdoor furniture companies who are putting the comfort back into outdoor living.

   Did you know that the outdoor fireplace is making a huge comeback in backyards everywhere?  There are several reasons why more people are enjoying their decks, porches and patios.  They are retreating to their backyards to grill, dine and enjoy the company of friends.  We are discovering the joy of staying home and want to spend that time outdoors.

   Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces extend the life of your outdoor entertaining season and they are also ideal for cooking and entertaining.  An outdoor fireplace can be the focal point of your outdoor living space but you will always need a comfortable place to sit down.

Lexington Outdoor fire pit

   This is why you may need the help of a professional interior designer.  They have access to so many more companies and can help you find comfortable seating for your outdoor area. You do not want your outdoor area to look like you walked into a store and bought the whole display.  Mixing and matching objects from many different sources is what makes decorating fun.  An interior designer can help you make your outdoor area interesting, fun and comfortable for you and your guests.


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