Consultation Only

  The outstanding personalized design service. 

This service is for consultation only and for the client who wants expertise, experience, knowledge, and creativity for their interior design project. We will help you avoid costly mistakes.

This type of design work is done on a contract basis.

  • Over 35 years experience. 
  • Michael Foran - Professional member of ASID
  • We help you avoid expensive mistakes.
  • We will design around you.
  • Outstanding personalized Interior design service

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The way it works is to interview you and ask questions on how you want to use each room. You will receive a detailed floor plan and CAD drawings with the placement of the furniture and approximate sizes of each piece. This plan will help you select the right size pieces for your home. The biggest mistake I see, is people buying the wrong size pieces for their home. Whether you are buying from a store or online, you need to know the right size pieces.  This plan will help you to avoid costly mistakes. This plan will also help you to have good conversational groupings and good traffic flow through your rooms.

                Pricing for DYI:    1 room  -  $500.

                                             3 rooms - $1000.

                                3-4,000 sq. ft. house $2000. 


                                Pricing available for larger homes.