Do these statements reflect your needs?


  • You are passionate about design and you have a unique personal style.
  • You want your decorating to be stylish and eclectic.
  • You want your decorating to be exceptional and authentic.
  • You want to be inspired by your environment.


You want products that endure, structurally and artistically, without harming either the environment or the people who make or use them.  We provide as many Eco-friendly products as we can. You want a unique sense of style, quality and exceptional value but with a classic modern appeal.


Why should you want to work with us?


  • We believe interior design should be about our clients and not about us.
  • We search the major home furnishing markets for the best designed and unique products.
  • We believe in designing around each of our clients, not giving them the latest trend that will go out of style in a couple of years.
  • We will help you avoid costly mistakes.



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Let me come up with Creative Interior Design Solutions for Your Home




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What interior design style do I see trending?

Mixture of Contemporary and Classic Styles

This look might appeal to the sophisticated millennial professional or to the traditional home owner as a way of updating their home to a more modern style.

The simplicity of contemporary form mixed with classic details leads to a look that is inspiring and pleasing to the eye. This is also a good way to update an existing home. You can use some of your existing traditional furniture mixed in with soft contemporary upholstered pieces and contemporary artwork.

This design style is about accents of vivid colors, unexpected forms, mixing woods, artistic accessories and distinctive artwork. With this look I see a mixing of woods with contrasting materials like leather, copper and iron. Rich textures with more contemporary colors make for a fusion of old and new.

The key to this look is the balance of interesting objects, textures and color. This is a look of simplicity with inspiring accents. This mixture of clean lines with classic pieces is look that can be individualized and won't be trendy.