6 Steps to High End Luxury Interior Design

6 Steps to High End Luxury Interior Design

What does it take to create high end luxury interior design?

Does it take high end bedding? Does it take luxury designer boutiques?  No, in order to create high end interior design, there are certain steps you will need to take.

There are 6 steps you need to do in order to create high end luxury design.They are:

1. Have a  plan that must be detailed and summarize what you are trying to accomplish 

You will need a detailed floor plan and you may need an interior designer to help you with this. It needs to be adetailed floor plan of exactly where each piece will go. The plan needs to have exact sizes and needs to be drawn to scale. This is an area where your interior designer needs to be very precise because a piece of furniture that is the wrong size can be a costly mistake.

2.You also need to look at the room three dimensionally.

A professional interior designer can help you with this. This is where I see the most mistakes. Homes today come with ceiling heights anywhere from 8′ to 20′ and above. Furniture comes in many different sizes from a sofa of 70″x 35″x 35″ all the way up to a length of 125″ and a depth of 50″. A display cabinet height might start at 72″ and some might be over 100″.

As you can see this is an area that needs a lot of planning. You need to look at the ceiling heighth as well as the room size to be sure that the furniture looks great in the room.

3.   Quality high end furniture

What does quality high end furniture mean?

It means attention to the smallest of details, phenomenal designs and style, beautiful finishes, custom options, luxurious comfortable seating (sofa, loveseats and chairs) and handcrafted treasures that are destined to become family heirlooms and quite possibly valuable antiques for future generations.

4. Beautiful fabulous fabrics

Exquisite well designed fabrics that are fashion-forward yet timeless will help you create your high end interior design look.  High end fabrics mean luxurious fabrics that are innovative and have an extensive array of color and style.

You may also want gorgeous drapery treatments designed just for your home and your look.

A professional interior designer can turn creative ideas into extraordinary, stylish solutions for your windows. Luxurious fabrics, unique details, precise light control, and energy efficiency are all things that must be addressed when decorating your windows.  A professional interior designer can help you with what style draperies will work best with your windows and the architecture of your home.

5.   Luxury artwork and accessories that inspire and complement your look.

High end home accessoriesand artwork should mean something to you, not just fill space. A designer who goes to markets can find unique handcrafted items that are exciting and fit into your personal style. Large homes usually require large artwork and there are some great options at market.

6.  A talented professional interior designer who can put it all together.

A designer should be talented, experienced, knowledgeable and care about you and your personal style. A professional interior designer should ask you a lot of questions to capture your personal style, comfort level and budget. Your home should be a unique creation just for you, not look like your neighbors.

I hope this answers some of your questions on high end luxury interior design.

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Michael Foran