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Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Dec 30, 2012 @ 01:08 PM
Michael Foran

What exactly is contemporary styling?

It combines architectural modern, urban and loft, Art Deco, Asian, industrial, mid-century Modern, retro and post-modern looks.

Some think that you can define contemporary furniture by its clean, sleek look. Contemporary styles are usually simple and its structure is evident.

These are terms that people associate with contemporary styles. "Less is more" or "form follows function". are common contemporary phrases.

Contemporary styling is current, urban and innovative. Furniture should fulfill the practical needs of modern life. It takes advantage of new materials and techniques.

Contemporary should be fresh, modern and clean. It is design that doesn't try too hard or force itself to reference historical proportions.

Contemporary styles should feel livable everywhere in the world-- in modern cities or out in the country. Many think that contemporary is about clean crisp lines, with chrome, glass, stainless steel and wood accents.

The important thing to remember is that whether you like contemporary or traditional styles, you want your home to be comfortable.

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