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Posted by Michael Foran on Fri, Dec 28, 2012 @ 02:28 PM
Michael Foran

Your decorating is not complete without a selection of stylish and beautiful lamps.

Lamps are so important in a room. They bring not only light, but great style as well. They have 2 roles. They give light and they add beauty to the room.


Make sure you don’t use all solid shades for the table lamps because the light will not light up the room. Table lamps are your best lighting for reading and general lighting (Recessed lighting works ok for general lighting but the glare from the exposed bulb can be irritating in most settings).

There are many types of lamps. Table, floor and buffet lamps are great for desks, bedside and reading. They usually have a downward light.

Torchieres are a more dramatic source of light with a shade that directs light upward. They look great in a corner or on two sides of an entrance.

Buffet lamps are a form of table lamp, usually tall and slender. They are used in pairs on a console or dresser.

Lamps can help determine how much a room is enjoyed, how useful it is and in many cases, how beautiful it can be.

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Decorating is not conplete without LightingBeautiful buffet lamps

Decorating is not conplete without Lighting

Aqua glass table lamps

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