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Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Dec 30, 2012 @ 10:24 AM
Michael Foran

What do you look for in a quality sofa? There are 4 things that one needs to look for in a quality sofa:  comfort, construction, tailoring and fabrics.

ComfortA deep sofa is great for a tall person and also for a short person who wants to curl up on the sofa. I always ask my clients "Do you want to curl up on your sofa or sit with your feet on the floor?" (21"-22" inside depth is shallow and 22"- 25" is concidered deep). It is important to know how the sofa will be used. 

Construction- It starts with the frame.  Some sofas are still made of hardwood frames that have double-doweled corners and corner blocks that are screwed into place.  This will insure that the joint will remain solid over the life of the piece.  Some sofas still have 8-way hand tied coil construction.  This involves tying each coil with heavy cord, using at least eight knots.  

Taloring- Great manufactures spend time training their sewers so they can handle custom requests and give special attention to detail. The cording or seams must be straight. The pattern on the seat must line up with the back and the front apron must be centered on each cushion. 

Fabrics & Leathers- Better manufactures have better quality fabrics and leathers. It's very easy to bring down the price of a sofa by putting a low quality fabric on it. How do I know if a fabric is durable?  Fortunately a lot of the fabrics today are rated for abrasion by a Wyzenbeek machine.  For everyday use I usually try to find a fabric that will withstand 40,000 double rubs on a Wyzenbeek machine.  However, there are fabrics that go over 100,000 double rubs. You should also consider how the fabric feels to you.  You should touch it and see how it feels to your skin.

It's getting harder to find quality sofas. Better manufactures are turning to interior designers to handle their products. Call your interior designer to ask about quality sofas.

What to look for in a Quality Sofa

Quality Sofa
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