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Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Dec 30, 2012 @ 11:20 AM
Michael Foran

   Formal dining rooms can be a great gathering place.

   The formal dining room is a simple space by nature. The focus, of course, is the dining table, but the chair choice is what creates the overall personality of the room. Today when entertaining, people spend time at the dining table before, during and after dinner. They like to sit and talk and with everyone together at the dining table, what place is better for that?

   The chair choice for a formal dining room is important because if the chairs are comfortable, people will feel inclined to sit and talk longer. Today many people are opting for upholstered dining chairs instead of the all wood ones. This may be a very smart choice because not only are upholstered chairs more comfortable, but you can show off your personal style even more with the choice of custom fabrics that are available.

   There are also other parts of the formal dining room that are important.  If there is room, add a china or buffet or both, to store linens, dishes, serving pieces and cutlery. The chandelier is also very important (see blog on chandeliers).  Artwork and lighting is also important in your formal dining room.  

   The formal dining room centerpiece can change with the seasons, especially if you have a vase or vases on the table that you can add flowers to at special occasions.  Whatever you do, try to keep your dining room table top from becoming a family drop zone.  Instead, keep it as a soothing place for your eye to land when you come into your home, enhanced with a beautiful centerpiece or candles that suit the season.

   An interior designer can help you create a beautiful, elegant and polished look and feel in your formal dining room that will stand out in your home. 

   Elegant dining rooms are great for family gatherings as well as business and social events.  Many people want a comfortable elegant dining room where the food tastes better and the atmosphere reflects great warmth and welcome. When you go to a great restaurant you want a great atmosphere and the same can be achieved in your dining room. People want to create a room for a grand celebration for friends and family.

Formal dining rooms 2

Formal dining rooms
Artistic elegance

Formal dining rooms
This client wanted sophisticated mid-19th century elegance

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