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Posted by Michael Foran on Fri, Dec 28, 2012 @ 08:50 AM
Michael Foran

There are many homes that need two story drapery treatments. 

Two story window treatments are often a focal point of a room. They can beautifully frame a window and also add color, texture and softness to a room. Todays newer homes have high ceilings, lots of drywall and hard surface floors.  Draperies give you the ability to greatly improve your acoustics.  Custom draperies, when done correctly, can add artistic detail and drama to your room.

Do you need help from an Interior Designer?  Draperies are one of the most artistic and difficult areas of interior design to get just right.  There are a lot of things to consider.  For example, what style of draperies will work best with your look?  What style draperies will work best with your windows and the architecture of your home?

Draperies should compliment your windows, not clash with them.  For instance, a curved topped window would look better with a window treatment with medallions that follows the architecture of the window, that is, that follows the curve.

two story drapery treatments
Two strory drapery treatment with bishop sleeves
two story drapery treatment

Two story drapery treatments

I have seen way too many window treatments that swag down under the curve and look terrible from the outside and the inside.

Tall window treatments can be elegant or informal. Much of this will depend on the fabric that is chosen.

I have seen so many people waste money on draperies that were not designed and made right.  Custom draperies are expensive, but it is much cheaper than having to do them twice.

two story drapery treatment

Tall window treatments

Tall window treatment

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