How to Choose Interior Colors for Your Home

Posted by Michael Foran on Sat, Dec 29, 2012 @ 12:23 PM
Michael Foran

Interior colors for your home will affect the way you feel.

 Where do you start?

Think about how you want to feel in each room of your home. Your colors need to flow through your home, but you can play up one of your colors from your color scheme in one room and another in one of your other rooms.

Color will affect your mood. Here are some of the ways color wil affect you.

    • for a warm room you don't want to choose blue

    • for a dramatic room avoid selecting all neutral colors

    • for an "airy look" you should avoid dark colors



One of the keys to making decisions is to eliminate what you don’t like so it is less confusing.  This is a method I use to make quicker decisions.  If you are looking at 5 different colors of paint for your room, rather than trying to choose the best one at first, just eliminate the ones that are not as good.  This will narrow it down and make for better and easier decisions.



Should I be concerned about trends?

I don’t care about trends other than there is usually more of those colors to work with in fabrics and other materials.  What you need to do is find out what is best for you.  Just because the magazines might be full of all white and light blue rooms doesn’t mean that is the look for you and your family.

Another thing about trends is they get dated because everyone has them and therefore, you see too much of them and you get tired of them.


Color can really affect your mood in different ways.  Here are some standard ways color can affect you.

YELLOW- the color of sunshine, cheerfully, warm but it can be over used, especially if is too bright or not balanced with other colors like blue.

I once did a model home in soft yellow with accents of blue and green.  I spent a lot of time in this model home, over a two week period, and hundreds of people came through.  A lot of people said it made them feel cheerful and some sat right down and said they didn’t want to leave.

GREEN- Nature, growth, freshness, cooler healthy feeling, relaxation

The color of nature mixes well in many color schemes. There are so many different greens that it may take awhile to find just the right one.

RED- drama, emotion and romance


ORANGE- excitement,enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity



PURPLE- sophistication,  royalty, power, luxury and extravagance

BLUE- comfort,  trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and justice


WHITE- purity and cleanliness


BLACK - elegance, power and contentment


PINK- femininity

choose what color is right for youGreen is the color of nature

Red is a great color for accent or even as a main color.  Most people prefer reds that are not too bright so be careful with your selections.

Red would be a good color for a dining room or great room, but probably not for an everyday use bedroom.
choose what color is right for you
Red is a good color for a dining room
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