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Posted by Michael Foran on Thu, Dec 27, 2012 @ 04:18 PM
Michael Foran

     Luxury custom bedding can add comfort, luxury, great style and romance to your master bedroom.

Down filling and soft fabrics will add comfort and luxury. The sky is the limit with fabrics and trims. Interior designers have access to custom sewing services that specialize in custom bedding. They allow us to select fabrics and trims that are perfect for our clients bedrooms.

Think about what mood you want to create through the use of color, texture and style.

GREEN- Nature, cooler healthy feeling The color of nature mixes well in many color schemes. There are so many different greens that it may take awhile to find just the right one.

BLUE-peaceful, cool, relaxing Blue is a good color for a bedroom and there are so many shades with light turquoise blue being a very popular trend right now.

luxury custom bedding
Custom Bedding

I  used luxurious fabrics in this master bedroom

BROWN OR BLACK-dark colors such as brown or black can also be great for a bedroom. They can make the bedding look rich and luxurious. 

RED OR ORANGE-  Dark red, burgundy and maroon colors are also popular bedding colors.  Orange is a popular choice for children or teenagers.

STRONG NEUTRALS like gray, taupe or white go well in a bedroom that has bright and happy colors in the bedding and window treatments. Color makes people happy and taps those emotions.  Some of the new color trends include apple green, spice colors, tangerines and spa blue.  

Whatever color you choose, your custom bedding creates style and comfort in your bedroom.

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