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Posted by Michael Foran on Thu, Dec 27, 2012 @ 02:44 PM
Michael Foran

A lighting plan is important for your dining room .

  There are a lot of choices for lighting your dining room. It is best to use a combination of  lighting fixtures and lamps.

  You can use cove lighting, chandeliers, sconces and buffet lamps.  Be careful when placing sconces unless you know exactly where your furniture will be placed.  Buffet lamps can be a much safer choice.

  Cove lighting with LED light strips will add more indirect light to your dining room but needs to be considered in the planning stages.

  Chandeliers should be installed with dimmer switches so you can create the mood you want.  The height of a chandelier will vary depending on the style but one good rule is to make sure you don’t get it too low.  You should be able to see the people sitting at the table.  In rooms with an 8’ ceiling you usually would have the lowest part of the chandelier higher than the top of the head of a seated person.  Rooms with higher ceilings will usually look better with the chandelier hung higher.

 plan lighting for your dining room

In this dining room we used a beautiful chandelier and recessed lighting

Dining room lighting

In this dining room we used a chandelier, recessed lighting and buffet lamps

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