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Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Dec 26, 2012 @ 03:36 PM
Michael Foran

Planning lighting for a master bathroom requires a lot of thought. 

You can use wet-rated recessed lights over the tub and shower.  Vanity lighting is not done right most of the time.  Vertical fixtures or sconces should be mounted on either side of the mirror and should be at nose level. This way you will not end up with shadows on your face.  Your fan can be a fan light which will only look like a recessed light.  Depending on the size of your master bathroom you may need more recessed lights or a ceiling fixture.  It’s a good idea to switch some of the lights separate from other lights.

A word about color for your master bathroom. It is usually better to use lighter colors in your bathroom because darker colors will absorb light. Therefore you will have to use more lighting in your master bathroom. The bathroom below I designed from the ground up and the client wanted a rich dramatic master bathroom. I made sure there was alot of lighting including overhead as well as sconces.

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Master Bathroom Lighting

I used extra lighting in this dark dramatic bathroom

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