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Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Dec 26, 2012 @ 02:43 PM
Michael Foran

What is the best location for your TV.

TV location is a question I get asked a lot. The TV is one of your focal points along with  a fireplace, outdoor view, artwork, etc.  Unless you have a very large room, it is best to group your focal points together (like the TV next to the fireplace).  The TV can be next to the fireplace or as we have done in many new homes with gas fireplaces (not natural wood burning), place the TV over the fireplace.*

A lot of people resist putting the TV over the fireplace for a couple of reasons.

TV over fireplace

TV over the fire place worked great for my client

#1   “I don’t like the look”:  sometimes it is getting used to having it over the fireplace.  For years people have had very large rear projection TVs and somehow they got use to them.

Having a flat screen TV over your fireplace is a lot less offensive than the days of the big box TVs and it is very practical, but if you still don’t like the look, it can usually be built-in.  I have designed built-in installation for TVs where I use inset doors and panels so that when the doors are shut you can’t tell that there are doors.

#2   “The TV is too high.”  With all of the TV installations we have done in the past, this has never been a problem.  Everybody at first thinks it will be too high.  A good way to test if it will work for you is to sit on a sofa or chair in close proximity to where it will be and look at the area over the fireplace.  As you sit back in your chair you will notice that your back is angled back and therefore, so is your head.  So it’s not as big a deal as it first seems.

*consult with your TV installer

decide on TV location

This client loved the location of the TV

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