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Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Feb 03, 2013 @ 01:25 PM
Michael Foran

Interior design and Generation Y = Style, design and appearance

Generation Y which is ages 18 to 36, voted the category Style, Design and Appearance as their number 1 characteristic according to Furniture/Today magazine. Also important to Generation Y is quality and durability.

They also like to mix and match furniture pieces and styles in their home decorating.The trend away from collections or groups is stronger with younger and more affluent buyers.  Many more people lean towards mixing and matching furniture styles than they did before.

We are finding that a lot of our Generation Y clients are passionate about design and have a unique personal style. They want their decorating to be stylish and eclectic and they want to be inspired by their environment.

They also want products that endure, structurally and artistically, without harming either the environment or the people who make or use them. 

Below are some real life examples of how we mixed furniture styles for our Generation Y clients.

 Interior Design & Generation Y - Foran Interior Design

 For this Generation Y client we mixed a contemporary rug, a traditional buffet and artistic accessories.

Interior Design & Generation Y - Foran Interior Design

We found some interesting chairs to mix with this hand planed dinette table.

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In this room we mixed a dramatic coffee table, a stylish sofa, contemporary artwork and bright colored accents


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