Lower level remodeling and Interior Design, Michigan

Posted by Michael Foran on Thu, Feb 07, 2013 @ 04:33 PM
Michael Foran

A lower level remodeling can add excitement and function to your home.

Lower levels which are also called basements need a lot of planning.  You can convert your lower level into the room of your dreams.  If you want extra living space and selling your house isn't an option, then it is definitely possible to convert your lower level into a beautiful and comfortable living space.

Your lower level or basement can be finished to the standards of the rooms upstairs but this requires a lot of planning.  The challenge of creating an inviting and beautiful, as well as functional space is much greater in the lower level where the systems and infrastructures of your home need to be tastefully concealed. A professional interior designer can help you hide posts and ducts in architectural detail.

There are so many important parts of planning a lower level.  Not only is comfort and function important, but so is plumbing if you want to add a bathroom.  Lighting design, ceiling design, height and waterproofing are all important parts of planning a basement.

Good lighting design makes a lot of difference.  Hire a professional interior designer to help you plan your lighting.  A variety of lighting types is important to handle different areas of your lower level.  The reason lighting is so important in a lower level is because natural light is not usually available or in short supply.  You could install an egress window and a window well.  An egress window must be big enough for a person to exit through it.  The well will allow more light to come into your lower level.

You will also need a well-planned ceiling layout.  This is where a professional interior designer is needed.  The ceiling must be planned out well in advance.  If you try to consolidate all obstructions to one area, it will help keep more of the ceiling from being too low.

The use of drywall also makes the lower level look like it belongs upstairs. Height is a very important part of your lower level planning.  How do you plan to use your basement?  If you want to exercise, you will need more headroom.

Waterproofing is also important in your lower level.  Choose a flooring material that can handle getting wet, such as tile.  It is also a good idea to get a floor drain installed.  Perhaps, you think you will never have a flooding problem but it is always good to at least think about what might happenn.  

It is also a good idea to think about what functions you want your lower level to have. Will you be playing games?  Do you need an extra bedroom?  Do you want a wet bar or a kitchen area?  Do you want an exercise area?  Do you want separate areas for children' play and adult entertainment?  Do you want a wine cellar or a home theater?  Do you want a steam room or just a powder room?

Your newly designed lower level can be a great place with the right planning.  It can be a great space for family time.  Everyone can be together but have their own interests and space.  The children or grandchildren can have their own little play area.

You can convert your lower level to the room of your dreams, with the planning and help of a professional interior designer.

Lower level and Interior Design, Michigan

In this lower level we worked with the client to achieve a log cabin look.

Lower level and Interior Design, Michigan

In this lower level the client wanted a great place for the family to gather.

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