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Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Feb 13, 2013 @ 11:31 AM
Michael Foran

Interior Design Before and After Photos can show you how an extreme makeover can change your environment.

 This client was moving from a larger home into a new but smaller home. They wanted it to look elegant, airy and comfortable. We also added accessories, mirrors, and artwork, all selected to compliment the home and the owners good taste. The draperies were simple and airy to match the wall color.

After photo - Foran Interior Design

           AFTER PHOTO of living room

           BEFORE PHOTO  of living room                BEFORE PHOTO of dining room

Before photo 2   Before photo

AFTER PHOTO of dining room

AFTER PHOTO of dining room


We worked with this client ( photos below) from the ground up. Based on extensive interviews with our clients, our challenges were to create a home that was a mix of traditional and contemporary lines. They wanted their home to be dramatic and sophisticated. They also wanted each piece to be unique, as well as artsy. Because our clients were young and have an active son, they wanted their home to be comfortable and practical, as well as beautiful.

The clients wanted a sophisticated and artistic look. They loved brown, turquoise
and orange. The other challenge we faced, was to give each room its own 
identity while maintaining a consistent flow throughout the home. Each space 
shared a similar color palette and uniqueness, while the furnishings, draperies, 
and accessories provided individuality to each room.

We incorporated comfortable and stylish furniture with artistic accents in 
pillows, throws, artwork and accessories. Each piece was selected to not only be 
unique, but to create a beautiful and sophisticated environment. We hunted the
markets for all the perfect accessories and artwork that are the jewelry in this 
artistic living area.

Some of the selections included cove moldings, walnut floors and a backsplash
with mosaic glass tile. In the living room we went with a more contemporary look, but used 
some traditional accents such as the embroidered casement fabric and the paisley 
fabric on the chair and pillows. A traditional bow front chest with a crackled 
turquoise lacquer was used in the foyer.

Before photo - living room

BEFORE PHOTO - Living room

After photo - Foran Interior Design

AFTER PHOTO - Living room


BEFORE PHOTO - Dining room

After photo - Foran Interior Design

AFTER PHOTO - Living room

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