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Posted by Michael Foran on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 @ 08:04 AM
Michael Foran

Here are some questions about quality furniture that people were concerned about.

Furniture Today magazine asked many people if they had questions regarding quality furniture. Here are some questions that clients asked when they are thinking of purchasing furniture:

"What is the reputation of the company that manufactured it?  I want the furniture to be made in the USA.---64 year old from Colorado

"I like to know details about materials, construction and whether it's eco-friendly", 48 year old from Louisiana

"I need more help on what to look for in terms of quality.  What are the most durable fabrics and woods"?---29 year old from North Carolina

"I need to know that the furniture is of good quality (i.e. dovetailed drawers) and that the style will not be outdated in a few years".    --57 year old from Pennsylvania

As you can see, different things are important to different people, but everyone wants their furniture to be strong, well-made and stand up to the test of time.  This is especially true in casegoods, as contrasted with upholstery.  

People realize that different fabrics wear differently.  Some fabrics are very strong while others such as silk, look beautiful but may not last as long.

Quality also has to do with establishing the beauty of the piece of furniture. Details like inlaid tops, handcarved wood, and beautiful finishes are also important in quality furniture.

If you have questions about quality, ask your professional interior designer.  They can help you with the answers and know all about quality furniture.

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