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Posted by Michael Foran on Thu, Feb 28, 2013 @ 11:55 AM
Michael Foran

How can you use interior design to make your home office more comfortable and a better place to work in?

Do you have a whole room in the house to transform into a home office? Or do you have to carve out space in your home?

A real challenge can be finding the right space and making it into a productive home office. Do you need counter space for your work? Do you need cabinets or shelves? Do you need a big desk with file drawers or will you just put your laptop on a simple table or desk?

Here are some ideas on how to make your home office more comfortable:  

1.  Use your favorite colors as paint or wallpaper in your home office.  You can even get office cabinets and storage areas that are painted in colors of your choice.  They don't have to be standard white or even stained wood.

2.  Bring in plants and surround yourself with reminders of nature.  

3.  Incorporate a small sofa or daybed if you have the room. Having a comfortable chair and ottoman will give you and your clients a great place to relax or take a quick snooze.

4.  Lots of great light is very important in a home office.  If you have a large window take, advantage of the natural light.  If you have no windows, a beautiful picture will help to create your own scenery in your home office.

5.  Add a rug or a drapery treatment to add softness and style to your home office. Often shades are all that is added to an office, but draperies will do so much more for your room.

In summary, the right paint color, plants, comfortable upholstery, nice lamps, lighting, a beautiful rug and a drapery treatment can all add a lot to make your home office a place you enjoy and want to work in every day.

Interior Design Home Office Michigan - Foran Interior Design

In this home office the client wanted an office that was functional as well as good looking. We designed the cabinets to take care of their needs, with storage for files, printer, computer equipment, books and decorative accessories. We designed a dramatic ceiling detail to add interest to the room.

Interior Design Home Office Michigan - Foran Interior Design

This home office was designed on a second floor loft to give a hard working couple a second office.

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