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Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Mar 17, 2013 @ 01:31 PM
Michael Foran

High End Home Furnishings and Color combinations at the winter furniture markets

Color combinations in furnishings made a big splash at the Las Vegas Market which was held this year.  Gorgeous greens in emerald, apple and sage were highlighted.  Also blues in aquamarine, peacock and indigo made a strong color statement at the winter furniture markets.

peacock - color   2013 decorating trends - Foran Interior Design

Punches of incredible reds and crimsons were classic, trendsetting and a not-so-intimidating alternative to bland.  Bursts of scarlet further solidified the color's role as a new neutral of sorts, capable of beige, white and black with dramatic results. All types of red were used as an accent color in pillows, rugs and in artwork.

The difference in high end furnishings is in the details.  The upholstery furnishiings are using nail head trim, strategic button accents and unexpected sheen in fabrics and finishes to elevate the style of the product. This is what high-end furnishings mean.

Chairs and ottomans that are bejeweled with studs, both silver and brass/gold tones make for a high end look.  Shimmer appeared in frame finishes as well, adding a touch of luxury to understated silhouettes.  Creative finishes on case goods also attracted attention.

2013 decorating trends - Foran Interior Design  2013 decorating trends - Foran Interior Design

Mid century modern has been inspiring upholstery for several seasons and has been reinterpreted in classic favorites as well.  These retro favorites may showcase the classic Mission style also.

In summary, there was a healthy serving of options at the Market.  Clients who want high end home furnishings desire individuality and personalization through eclectic style, mix and match or undefined design.  These custom preferences include arm and leg options, a wide array of fabric choices or various silhouettes and styles.  The "one size fits all" model has been replaced by a "have it your way" style for high end home furnishings.

Color combinations for high end home furnishings include gorgeous greens, amazing blues and incredible reds to add interest to a more neutral pallette.  But remember, in high end furniture the difference is always in the details.

2013 decorating trends - Foran Interior Design

For this client we used mid century modern with red accents.

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