Photos of Luxury Home Selections for your New High End Home

Posted by Michael Foran on Mon, Mar 04, 2013 @ 11:14 AM
Michael Foran

See photos of luxury home selections for your new high end home

When making choices for your home, selecting the cabinets and doors are very important decisions.  Other big decisions for your new home include selecting paint colors, tile, flooring, appliances and the list goes on.

There are so many choices in cabinet doors.  The doors shown below have clean lines and light coloring. We used cove molding instead of crown molding for a cleaner look.  The hood also has a more transitional look.

 Luxury Home Selections - Foran Interior Design

As you can see from this backsplash, the colors in the tile design coordinate beautifully with the granite on the countertop. The glass mosaic tiles add a spark to the design.

Luxury Home Selections - Foran Interior Design

In this gorgeous Master Bath a paint treatment was used on the columns to make them look like marble. A faux paint treatment was also used on the ceiling. The result of these selections  is a soft serene feel.

As you can see, paint colors can make all the difference in your home's style.  You can create a soothing haven out of cool tones or add energy with warm colors.  You can keep it crisp, classic and clean with neutrals.

Luxury Home Selections - Foran Interior Design

This is the ceiling of a magnificent Great room - The wood panels add warmth. The beautiful sconces add detail to the Lighting, which also included a dramatic chandelier. And the architectural design creates a special one of a kind look.  The  faux painting and ceiling design were made to emulate the railing design on the second floor balcony. Carefully planned luxury home selections can add so much to your new high end home.

Luxury Home Selections - Foran Interior Design

This kitchen has so many luxury home details - The ceiling design was created to coordinate with the two kitchen islands. The backsplash design was made to coordinate with the countertops as well as the detail on the hood.  There are two islands,one made for seating, the other for preparation.  The long pendant lights over the islands make for dramatic and practical lighting. The cabinets and flooring were selected for their simplicity and traditional design. 

Luxury Home Selections - Foran Interior Design

Home office details -This home office has a special ceiling design, custom cabinets designed by Michael Foran A.S.I.D., comfortable furniture and a beautiful rug.  Everything adds to the comfort and practicality of the room.

Luxury Home Selections - Foran Interior Design

Vestibule -Smaller spaces can be a great place to add detail. In this vestibule, the Flooring design was created using many beautiful marble tiles and mosaic tiles. The paint treatment was made to go with and accent the floor tiles.  The moldings, ceiling and lighting fixtures also compliment the vestibule and help to make it very welcoming.

Luxury Home Selections - Foran Interior Design

Living room -In this living room the Ceiling design was painted with different colors to highlight the design. The magnificent chandelier is not only a lighting fixture but also a beautiful accent in the room.  The custom fireplace design and molding detail are very traditional. The furniture is made to be comfortable as well as inviting.  The artwork was a favorite of the clients.  The flooring and rug were also selections that had to be made and the draperies were made of a beautiful fabric that is rich in detail and looks lovely when hung.

As you can see luxury home selections need to coordinate with each other. It is always a good idea to work with a professional interior designer when making luxury home selections for your new high end home. They will help you avoid costly mistakes.

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