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Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Mar 06, 2013 @ 10:20 AM
Michael Foran

 Photos of ceiling design ideas for your new home

Ceiling design is so important in your new home.  It's the details in the design that take a space from being average to spectacular.  A special ceiling design may be all a room needs to set it apart from average.  Dressing up a ceiling can really change the entire impression of the room.

There are many different types of ceiling designs.  There are coffered ceilings, cathedral ceilings, beamed ceilings, beadboard ceilings, barrel vaulted ceilings, arched ceilings and accent ceilings.

Coffered Ceilings

Coffers are sunken panels in the ceiling, usually in the shape of a grid.  You can see coffered ceilings dating back to ancient Rome.  These ceilings are now an ornamentation to give the appearance of coffering.  They can be trimmed out with moldings and painted and they can be constructed with real or faux beams.  They can be simple or very formal and detailed.  Here is a photo of a coffered ceiling in a den.

Ceiling design - Foran Interior Design

 This client wanted a coffered ceiling in rich wood with dramatic lighting.  


Cathedral Ceilings

A cathedral ceiling maximizes the space allowed by opening the ceiling to the highest point possible.  A cathedral ceiling can be contemporary or very traditional.  Many older churches have cathedral ceilings, hence the name. While in Germany I saw many beautiful cathedral ceilings that were absolutely breath-taking.

Ceiling design - Foran Interior Design

For this client we used a deep color on their cathedral ceiling accented with lighter painted beams.

Barrel Vaulted Ceilings

A barrel vaulted ceiling can seem to disappear into the night sky, adding mystery, wonder and magic to the room.  A barrel ceiling opens up the room and provides height to a room.  These ceilings can be finished in a range of various materials, from white painted drywall to beadboard and more.  Many beautiful dining room and luxurious master baths have barrel ceilings.

Ceiling design - Foran Interior Design

In this foyer we used a barrel vaulted ceiling with applied molding and a faux paint treatment. This ceiling made a great backdrop for the magnificent hand-painted chandelier.

Arched Ceilings

The addition of an arched ceiling will make the ceiling appear softer, making the whole space softer.

Ceiling design - Foran Interior Design

 My challenge with this project was that the client wanted both a coffered and barrel vaulted ceiling design.  I designed a coffered ceiling on the lower part and a barrel vault on the upper part. The design in the upper ceiling was taken from an iron railing that is in a balcony above. 


Accent Ceilings

If you want to accent your ceiling, you can paint it a different color or have a mural painted on it.  Here is a ceiling that was painted to look like a night sky.

Ceiling design - Foran Interior Design

In this home theater we used a cove where the wall meets the ceiling.  Then when it was hand painted you could not tell where the ceiling and the wall stopped and started.  Fiber optics were used in the ceiling to replicate constellations. 

Ceiling design - Foran Interior Design 

This ceiling was designed to emulate the island counter shape in this fabulous kitchen.

Ceiling design - Foran Interior Design

Multiple moldings were used to give this step ceiling great interest.

Tongue and Groove Ceiling Design

Tongue and groove ceilings create a high impact in a room.  They have rich texture and beauty.  The striped pattern dramatically changes the feeling of the room.  It can be painted white or is combined with beams, but it is guaranteed to define a space.

 In summary, every part of a room is important but the ceiling design can really add interest to a room.  Interior designers love to create ceiling designs that will make your home special.


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