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Posted by Michael Foran on Fri, Mar 22, 2013 @ 04:59 PM
Michael Foran

See photos of ceiling designs from formal to rustic.

Interior Design for your ceiling will make your home stand out and have added appeal.

Do you have a ceiling that is a flat, horizontal plane of white painted drywall?

Do you want to change your ceiling height and shape and color, too?

A professional interior designer can help you make your ceiling into an architectural masterpiece.  Changing your ceiling can add interest and definition to your room.

The classic tray ceiling can be used in a master bedroom to add interest and help achieve spaciousness, too.

Using soffits to fit the geometry of the room will also make the room have order and structure. Sometimes two soffits are used. They can be painted with varying shades of darker or lighter colors.   

In this den a wood beam coffered ceiling is shown. The millwork adds character and is timeless.  It brought down a high cathedral ceiling that made the room hard to heat.  Now the room is warm and much more comfortable.

Ceiling designs - Foran Interior Designs 

The above photo shows a cofferred ceiling.

Murals can also add a lot to a ceiling.  They started many years ago when artists, such as Michelagelo painted the Sustine Chapel in ancient Rome. 

Box beam ceilings also add a hidden benefit.  The hollow beams are great for installing lights and hiding wires or pipes during a remodel.  They also add a touch of elegance and detail.

A fairly new design trend is placing window panes between the box beam panels.  This adds light to the room and gives it a special atmosphere.

There are many types of ceiling designs that will add architectural drama to your home. These will be discussed in upcoming blogs.  There are cathedral ceilings, beamed ceilings, beadboard ceilings, barrel ceilings, arched ceilings and accent ceilings.  Ceilings that include a mural are also very beautiful and very unique. Interior design for your ceiling will help your home stand out and be even more special.

Ceiling designs - Interior designer Michigan

This is a good example of a stepped ceiling. It is in a large foyer area. 

The beautiful ceiling below is in a great room and was taken from the second floor balcony.

Ceiling designs - Interior designer Michigan


Ceiling designs - Foran Interior Designs

If you like reclaimed wood and a rustic look, this truss ceiling might be perfect for you. 

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