How much does it Cost to Decorate My Home

Posted by Michael Foran on Fri, Apr 12, 2013 @ 03:33 PM
Michael Foran

How much does it Cost to Decorate My Home?  This is not an easy question to answer.

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 There are so many variables.  There are large homes and small homes.  There are homes with lots of details and homes that are minimalist.   

The client needs to provide specific details with regards to their budget and exactly what type of service they are looking for.  A professional interior designer will not be able to give a price without first knowing the budget and scope of the project.

It is important to remember that professional interior designers are experts at what they do. They have education, training and experience and should be fairly compensated.  They are talented and can actually visualize the finished room plus they can get the products and furniture that are perfect for your home.    

Hourly fees are simply charging by the hour but they include all meetings, phone calls, emails, shopping, ordering, designing and drafting, buying, installations and logistics. These fees are usually between 75 and 250 dollars per hour.

A flat fee is a single price that may be broken up into payments for the project.  There is usually a deposit at the beginning and then further payments made as time and the project progresses.

Some interior designers who supply product and buy direct from the manufacture may not charge a lot for design time. They should also be able to pass along discounts simlar to furniture stores.

A consultation fee is an hourly or flat fee to provide consultation services to the client.  This is a good fee structure for the Do-it-yourselvers.

A completely furnished great room can be $20,000 or $50,000 or more, depending on what the client wants.  The budget is always in the client's control and should be discussed at the very first meeting.  Remember, good designers are trying to provide the right services for the client's needs and also want to stick to an agreed upon budget.  

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As you can see, "What will this cost me?" is not an easy question to answer.  The actual question should be "How do your bill for your services?"

The budget is a very important part of the design process.  You know what you want and how much you want to spend. A professional interior designer will know how much your project will cost based on the information they have gathered from you. Together you and your designer can come up with a budget. A professional interior designer will not be able to do a good job for you without knowing the budget and scope of the project. 

It all comes down to what you want.  Do you want a designer to create a vision, a design plan and then provide the furnishings?  

Do you want a full-scale, turn-key project where you only want to speak with the designer and they they will deal with all other parties involved?

Or do you want a combination of the above?  It's all up to you but remember, you pay for things with time or money and a good professional interior designer can save you time and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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