4 Key Interior Design Trends in Leather seen at High Point Market

Posted by Michael Foran on Sat, May 11, 2013 @ 08:47 AM
Michael Foran

When we went to the High Point Furnishings Market in April we saw 4 key interior design trends in Leather.  They are:

1.  Many exotic leather entries.  There was hair-on-hide , embossed leathers and other exotic accents.  They were being used to deliver more upscale looks. Many upholstered chairs and sofas had two types of leather on them with the more exotic leather on back of the regular leather seat. 

 embossed leather chair - Interior Design Michigan

Foran Interior Design took a photo of this embossed leather chair at the 2013 spring High Point Home Furnishings Market. Unique detailing and beautiful embossed leather.

2.  Although traditional leather styles remain in the majority, contemporary looks are increasing their floor space in many showrooms.  Cool colors are seen on both traditional and contemporary leather sofas. Note the bright hot pink leather in the photo above.

3.  The producers who exclusively use all leather covers are marketing the fact that they don't have bonded leather or other faux leather products. Real leather remains to be the best buy if you want quality and long lasting beauty.

4.   Some high-end leather companies are making Leather Comfort Sleepers that are really comfortable.  We even tried them out.  Many people want a sleeper but also want a sleeper sofa.  You can now get a sleeper sofa in leather in your choice of twin, regular, or queen size mattress.

Comfortable sleeper - sofabed Interior Design Michigan

As you can see, the four key interior design trends in leather are all things that make our life more comfortable and beautiful. So much creativity!  The furniture industry displays a lot of creativity and recognizes the accomplishments in creativity at the Annual American Society of Furniture Designers' Pinnacle Awards.

This is a series of articles about Design Trends and interesting pieces that we saw at the 2013 High Point Home Furnishings Market.  Interior designers from around the world as well as big and small retailers go to the market.  There are many educational seminars as well as showrooms packed with new and unique product from the United States and around the world. 

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