How Do I Complete my Interior Decorating in my Living Room?

Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Aug 11, 2013 @ 01:56 PM
Michael Foran

How do I complete my interior decorating in my living room is a question that is asked over and over.  

Sometimes clients have beautiful furniture but the living room just doesn't look "finished". What is the reason?  Is it because they have no window treatments or is it because the walls are all empty?  Is it because there are no rugs or are pillows missing from the sofa?  Are there lamps and accessories on the tables?  


Any or all of these things may be problems that help to make a room look "unfinished".  Let's start with window treatments.  Whether you only want shades at your windows or want a beautiful drapery treatment, something will look better than nothing.  For a more modern or contemporary look, many people are choosing window shades.  They now come in a variety of styles and colors.  A good professional interior designer can help you choose what is right for your windows.  They can also design window treatments that have the right colors and fabrics for your home and style.


Empty walls are another thing that can change the look of a room.  In order to complete your interior decorating in your living room, you should have something nice on the walls.  This can be oil paintings, giclees, prints, photos, drawings or posters.  Wall sconces are also a nice addition to your walls if used in the right space.  Iron sculptures hung on the wall or wood carved wall placques are also unique and beautiful in your living room.


Rugs, decorative pillows and throws can add a lot to your living room.  Rugs are made to separate different areas, such as a conversational area from a game area.  Colorful decorative pillows with fringe or beaded trim on them will add a lot to your sofa and/or chairs.  Throws can be practical, for warmth, but also add a little spice to your interior decorating.


Beautiful and unique lamps and accessories really make a living room come alive.  There are so many different types of lamps.  They can be made of glass, ceramic, wood, iron or various other items.  There are beautiful brass and silver lamps.  A lamp does not only give light to the room but it can also be seen as a work of art.  


Accessories come in many shapes and sizes.  If your room is large, your accessories should be fairly large also.  Sometimes it is better to place just the right accessory, rather than having too many small items.  Candleholders, wood boxes, large dishes or bowls, bookends and plants or florals are all types of accessories that can add a lot to finish your interior decorating.  


Small accessories such as decorative tabletop items, wall art, mirrors, lighting, pillows, throws and rugs add warmth, contrast, definition and color to your room. Grouping decorative objects in odd numbers, such as 3, 5, or 7, will make sure the objects are seen.  


When grouping throw pillows, you may want to mix a stripe, a solid and a pattern.  It is always a good idea to have complementary colors in your pillows.  


These are just a few of the ideas that can help you complete your decorating in your living room to make your home more beautiful. We at Foran Interior Design would be glad to talk to you about interior design and decorating ideas. 

contemporary living room

Contemporary living room

Traditional living room

Traditional living room

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