Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for your Master Bedroom

Posted by Michael Foran on Mon, Aug 19, 2013 @ 02:26 PM
Michael Foran

How do I complete my interior decorating in my bedroom is a question that is asked over and over.

Everyone seems to need interior design and decorating ideas for their bedroom.  Often times the furniture is already planned.  The first thing a professional designer would do is to draw up a floor plan for your room.  This would be complete with a furniture plan and lighting plan.

After you have your beautiful furniture for your bedroom and every thing is in place you still need interior decorating help. 

Does your bedroom have furniture but still look undressed?  Many people want to know how to complete their interior decorating in their bedroom. The addition of window treatments, pillows and area rugs is almost as important as the bedding.

There are many types of bedding nowadays.  There are duvet covers, coverlets, bedspreads, and other ways to decorate your bed.  Pillow shams should make a statement with a bold color or pattern.  

Lighting is also important in the bedroom.  If you add a bedside lamp, bud vase with fresh or faux flowers,  a picture frame or decorative box, it will help make your bedroom complete.

What you have on the walls is also important in the bedroom.  Do you want dark paint or light paint, wallpaper or a faux paint treatment to decorate your walls?  Adding some decorative wall art can bring new life into the room.  You could use posters, prints, oil paintings or iron sculptures to help complete your bedroom. Some people have used flags or decorative quilts to warm up their bedroom walls.

Another good idea is to establish a theme for your bedroom.  For example, you could have a spa theme in your bedroom or you could use your bedroom as a relaxing getaway and have a beach themed room or a winter skier's paradise.

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Color combinations are also very important in your bedroom.  Furniture colors as well as the bedding and draperies should all flow together to create a peaceful and harmonious look.

It is better to go with soothing shades, rather than to have bold primary colors in your bedroom.  If you choose softer shades of paint or wallpaper it will help you have a more soothing feel in your room.  Toasty browns and grays can also help your bedroom feel cozy and comfortable.

Your bedroom floor plan or layout is also very important in making your room feel comfortable. You should try to have a 3 foot gap between the walls on the side of the bed and large furniture pieces.  It is important to not over-stuff your bedroom by using too much furniture.  

Maybe your bedroom just needs a lift and some freshening up.  Your bedroom can be completely transformed with some of these ideas.  New paint, new draperies, new artwork and accessories can all help transform your bedroom into the room of your dreams.

Master bedroom

Contemporary master bedroom

These are just a few ideas that can help you complete your decorating in your bedroomWe at Foran Interior Design would be glad to talk to you about interior design and decorating ideas. 

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