High End Upholstery and Luxury Interior Design for Your Home

Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Oct 02, 2013 @ 02:56 PM
Michael Foran

What is high end upholstery?  What is luxury interior design?

Is it defined by a price point?  Or is it simply a matter of the best luxury materials?  It definitely must be made well and made to last.  How a product makes you feel and how luxurious it is depends on your own idea of luxury.

One good thing about buying luxury furniture is that it only increases in value due to the quality of the finish and craftmanship involved.  


If fine, luxury furniture is about the quality of the product, then what makes that product distincive is the materials that ultimately go into the furniture along with a good professional luxury interior designer who can help put the room together.  

Luxury furniture manufactures do not cut corners with the materials used to make the furniture.  The materials can range from beautiful crotch mahogany veneers and fine hand forged metal  on case goods to luxurious silks and down filling on upholstery.


Luxury in home furnishings is also about great design and that requires a professional interior designer who is NDICQ qualified and an ASID professional. The interior designer is still the core connection between the client and high end luxury furnishings.  

High end clients are used to fine dining and traveling abroad and therefore have acquired certain tastes in furniture.  They want their homes to reflect the taste level they have acquired.  

Luxury starts with a good design and then incorporates the type of materials that best complement those designs.  Luxury design can also be defined as "timeless designs with a marked attention to detail, employing only the highest quality materials."


Another comment on luxury is that luxury is about so much more than price,  It's about the connection of the best best materials to the best designs.  Luxury items convey a story of customization, artisanship and unique designs.  


When a client decides the look, feel, quality and emotional connection exceeds an item's utilitarian purpose, that's where you find luxury.


Interior Designers know that the combination of incredible style and comfort adds up to true luxury.  Comfortable elegance is always in style.  A good idea is to hire a professional interior designer who can help you get the unique piece that is just right for you. 


At Foran Interior Design we want to help clients get the luxury furniture they want and have it last and look great in their homes.  A good professional interior designer can help you have the style you want along with quality furniture.  They should ask questions and they will help you have the dream room you always wanted.  Interior design and luxury are always a good match.


We at Foran Interior Design would be glad to talk to you about luxury interior design and high end upholstery. 

High end upholstery

High end upholstery

Luxury Upholstery

Luxury Upholstery

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