2014 - Home Decorating Ideas and Trends in Frisco Texas

Posted by Michael Foran on Tue, May 06, 2014 @ 03:20 PM
Michael Foran

How do I decorate my home for Spring 2014?


 Well, if you already have a nice spring centerpiece on your dining room table you are all set.  If you don't, then you may want to purchase some nice accessories, such as candles and candleholders or a beautiful bowl to add interest to your table.


Spring is a season that everyone loves.  It usually involves fun colors such as pastels and colors of nature, such as green grass and yellow tulips.  


Here are some furniture and interior design trends for Plano, TX 2014.  

1.  Carmel and honey finishes will be popular just as will the dark tones like mahogany and cherry.  

2.  It is a good idea to use natural elements such as leather, cotton, wool and other natural sources in your home.


3.  Use sculptural artwork  Branch out beyond frames, and prints and add dimension to your walls.


4.  Use meaningful accessories.  Choose objects, artwork and photos that have personal significance to you.


5.  Think outside the style box.  Have the confidence to try bold trends and mix finishes.  Be eclectic in your style and have fun with it.


6.  Take bigger risks--no more matchy-matchy.  Bring different colors, textures and finishes into your space.


7.  Have a High Style Room.  Have a special sitting room with 4 comfortable chairs around a cocktail ottoman or table.  Create your own lounge look.


8.  Put a Modern take on classic patterns.  Try to keep things fresh, especially yourdecorating.


9.  Use rich fabrics.  You may want to use fabrics that are sophisticated but durable.  


10.  Use Saturated colors.  This means taking one color such as green and using variations of dark to lighter green colors from the color scale.  This adds interest to the room.  


Did you know that you can create a dramatic impact from simplicity?  Well, you can.  First contact an interior design professional to help you get started on your new style and design look.  Remember, variety is the spice of life.  

sculpture over fireplace

Above is a room that uses a beautiful sculpture to add interest to a fireplace mantel.  Below photo shows color and interesting accessories that add some zip to the decorating.

unique accessories

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