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Posted by Michael Foran on Fri, Apr 25, 2014 @ 08:46 AM
Michael Foran

What are good traits of a professional interior designer?

Who are the best interior designers in Plano, Texas? They probably share these 6 characteristics   

There are many important traits that a good professional interior designer must have.  


You probably want someone who has experience working in the field of interior design and has gained the knowledge in working with different design projects.  Where do you find someone like that?  

Going to the ASID website might be a good place to start.  A professional member of ASiD, which is the American Society of Interior Designers, has taken the NDICQ exam and also has experience working with design projects and various personalities.  


Are they able to help you with all parts of your project?  Can they help with space planning, color selection, architectural design, draperies, furniture, material selections, delivery of product, service, accessories and artwork?


Caring about doing everything the right way and still giving you a unique style that you can call your own is important to a good interior designer.  Great service is also important and so is having someone who really cares about your project and wants to help you fulfill your dreams of a beautiful comfortable home.


Another important quality that a great interior designer needs to have is to be a good listener.

They need to listen and ask you enough questions so that they can draw out your personal style.  Did they find out what colors you like and what colors you hate?  Do they ask how you like to sit on a chair or whether you prefer to curl up on a deep sofa?

Do they ask you questions about your budget?  Do they ask you what styles you like or whether you prefer a dramatic or more understated look?  Do they ask whether you and your family want to be more casual or more formal?  How do you want your room to function?  Is it a room that you use every day or only for more formal times when you are entertaining?


Every professional experienced designer should have a portfolio of different jobs they have done.  If you look at their work, does every room seem the same?  Do they always use the same colors?  Do they have photos of contemporary rooms as well as traditional rooms?  If they are able to design more than one look, then they certainly will be able to do something unique that is just right for you and your home.

A professional interior designer also has to be someone that you can get along with and trust. 

 Traditional living room

For this client we provided space planning, furniture, draperies, rugs, paint treatments, accessories and architectural design.

Eclectic Family room

We worked with this client from the ground up, including furniture, window treatments, accessories, rugs, lighting and architectural design.

Contemporary living room

For this client we helped with furniture selection, space planning, pillows, accessories, lighting and artwork.

Great Customer Service

It is very important to get good service after the sale.  This includes follow up on orders, making sure the job is delivered correctly, being sure that the artwork is hung correctly and that the accessories are placed as well as having good service and delivery people.

In summary, the traits to look for in a good professional interior designer in Plano are:

1.  experience

2.  ability to listen and ask questions

3.  creativity

4.  versatility

5.  being a perfectionist and doing things the right way

6.  good service after the sale and being able to complete the job

But most important is having an interior designer who you can get along with and trust to do the right thing.  Experience and trust are very important.

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