How do I Decorate & Furnish My New North Dallas, Texas Home?

Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Jun 18, 2014 @ 03:22 PM
Michael Foran

Proper planning is something that is very important when deciding how to furnish your new North Dallas home.

Decorating your new home is exciting, complicated and requires proper planning. You must establish a plan and vision of your interior design style, function and comfort.

A lot of the new homes in north Dallas have the look of casual chic combined with classic elegance. Features like iron doors, suspension beams, hand scraped wood floors, and stone fireplaces give these new homes a very comfortable feel. The mixture of transitional lighting, lighter paint colors, high tech media rooms and modern kitchens give these north Dallas homes a very sophisticated livable feel. These homes are elegant but not stuffy.

hand scraped wood dining table

It helps to have a long term strategy for furnishing your new place.  Sometimes the old furniture just doesn't fit in the new home or sometimes it is just too old and would be much better off in someone else's home.  

The first thing to start with in furnishing your new home is a plan.  You also want to stay on budget.  You want comfort, value, style and quality in your home furnishings.  You need to decide what colors you like and what style you want.  Figuring out a good floor plan is so important.  How will the furniture look in this room?  Will there be enough room to walk from room to room?  What will the furniture arrangment look like?  Space planning is essential and a professional interior designer can help you with all of this.

sophisticated causal family room

Picking out the paint colors and flooring will be much easier if you have a decorating plan.  Often the new homeowner picks a white or beige paint color for the walls because they are afraid of making a wrong decision with color.  The problem is that there are many colors of white, just as there are many colors or hues of beige, so even that is not easy.  

You can plan ahead for your long term decorating strategy as long as you have a good floor plan and a color scheme.  

You want value for your money and you want your furniture to last.  That is why it is a good idea to buy quality furniture.  Well made furniture will hold up over time.  

Here are a few of the things you may want to think about before decorating your North Dallas home.

1.  Value-  An interior designer can help you avoid costly mistakes.  You want to avoid getting the wrong size furniture that is either too big or too small for your room.  

2.  Budget-  Make your budget part of your original plan.

3.  Style-  Everyone has an individual style.  Long term planning can help you stay on track with your style throughout your home.  You want to express your own style in your home furnishings and still have quality, comfort, and value. 

4.  Comfort- You want good construction in your furniture and good cushion fillings.  The colors and patterns won't look good together if the furniture is not comfortable.

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