How do you Find and Purchase Luxury Furnishings for Your Texas Home

Posted by Michael Foran on Sat, May 10, 2014 @ 09:16 AM
Michael Foran

How do I find Luxury High End Furniture?

Luxury high end furniture

Luxury high end home furnishings


What do luxury home furnishings include?  They might include furniture, rugs, carpeting,

drapery treatments, lighting, artwork, wall treatments such as wallpaper or faux finishes, home

accessories and built-in units.  There are 4 ways to find and purchase the luxury home

furnishings that you've always wanted and here are the kinds of results you should expect.


1.  Buy from a Local Store.

Pros--this gives you the ability to see some of the product and also easy access

Cons--there are not many stores to pick from and most stores can't handle the coordination of draperies, rugs, lighting, artwork, etc.


2.  Buying Online

Pros - some good prices and can shop from home

Cons - it may be difficult to make good decisions and hard to coordinate all the selections


3.  Buy from a furniture store in North Carolina

Pros - Buying from a large retail furniture store near the furniture market may give you a large selection to choose from

Cons - Quick decisions may lead to costly mistakes.  The cost of the trip must be figured in with the cost of the furniture. High Point is a longways from Dallas. You may think that you are buying direct from the furniture maket but most of the stores are just furniture retailers who are located near the furniture market.  The actural furniture market is only open for one week in the spring and one week in the fall and only allows qualified retailers and interior designers to purchase from them.  A few years ago you didn't have to pay sales taxes, but now most states require you to pay your state sales tax.


4.  Buying from a professional interior designer

Pros - You will get good prices if you work with a professional interior designer who can purchases merchandise at a good price.  Most interior designers do not have a big overhead.  This allows them to pass on furniture discounts to you.  

An interior designer can also coordinate all the luxury home furnishings so you can avoid costly mistakes.  Many professional designers have specialty lines that offer unique items that you will not see anywhere else.

Cons - You may not be able to sit on every piece of upholstered furniture.  Most quality sofas and chairs are available with different cushions and an experienced interior designer will be able to give you comfort beyond your expectations.

Luxury furniture

Luxury interior design


Remember: a good professional interior designer will listen to what you want and be able to deliver the home of your dreams.

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