9 Questions Before Deciding On Designer Drapery Treatments

Posted by Michael Foran on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 @ 03:35 PM
Michael Foran

Planning is important before you decide on your drapery treatments.

It is usually best to plan ahead before deciding to put up a drapery treatment.  There are so many variables, such as size, shape,and amount of windows in a room.

It is important to start with a good design.

It is also important to know what fabrics work well for draperies.

There are many questions to ask before you decide on a designer drapery treatment for your home.  

For example:

  1. Will certain colors and fabrics fade in the sunlight?

  2. What direction do most of my windows face?

  3. Will a drapery treatment insulate the room?

  4. What are suitable combinations of colors and patterns?

  5. Will a drapery treatment hide too much of the window?

  6. Does the drapery design complement the house and the rest of the decoration?

  7. What are suitable combinations of fabrics and trimmings?

  8. Should I use tiebacks at my windows?

  9. Will I be able to draw my drapes at night or should I just have side panels?

It is also important to consider your window shape, which would suggest a number of design approaches. You might need to consider whether to use a cornice, valance, shade, or blinds. Familiarity with all the available options leads to window treatments that are both imaginative and practical.

These are all reasons to call a professional interior designer who will not only pick out a great design for your windows but also pick out fabric, trims, tiebacks, if needed, and the hardware. 

Here are some photos of designer drapery treatment I have worked on.

interior designer drapery treatments

For this home we designed drapery treatment that fit the curve of the window as well as giving the client the elegant look they wanted.

curved top drapery treatment

For this client we designed a treatment with medallians so we could curve the treatment to emulate the window.

drapery treatment on rod

Simple side panels with decortive rod.

Draw draperies with blackout lining

Draw draperies with blackout lining in master bedroom.

Formal silk swags and jabots with bishop sleeves

This client wanted formal silk swags and jabots with bishop sleeves.

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