How to Redecorate or Remodel your Plano, Texas Home, Part 2

Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Jun 04, 2014 @ 03:42 PM
Michael Foran

This is Part 2 on "How do I Redecorate my Plano, TX Home"

Like we said in the last blog there are a lot of home owners in Plano who are wanting to redecorate their home to be more like the newer homes in Frisco and Prosper. The most important part is to have a plan.

Do I start with a sofa, rug, painting, carpet, new kitchen or wall color? It is always a good idea to start with a floor plan first, as was mentioned in our last blog. Of course, after you have your floor plan, know what style you like, and have decided on your colors, there are many other things to decide.

1.  When picking out fabrics start with the patterns in the room.

It is much easier to find solids and co-ordinates to go with a pattern you like, than the other way around.  There are only going to be so many paintings, rugs, or patterned fabrics that you like.  If you want an oriental rug in your room, start there.  If you have a painting you love, start there.  If you fell in love with a patterned sofa, start there. Always start with the patterned item and then find solids to go with them.

2.  How important is comfort to you?

You need to think about what comfort means to you.  Do you want firmer cushions or softer luxurious cushions?  Do you prefer down cushions or do you like a firmer seat?  Every one of us likes comfort, but it means different things to different people.  What does it mean to you?

It is very important to think about what you want in comfortable furnishings.  Some chairs may never get used so they are more for looks than comfort.  If this is true for you, then let your interior designer know what furniture needs to be comfortable and maybe what items don't need the comfort built into them.

comfortable down recliner

Comfortable down recliner from one of our best manufactures.

3.You need to select a paint color for the room.

These questions need to be answered:  How is this room going to be used?

If it is a master bathroom where you put on make-up, then you might not want it too dark because dark colors suck up lots of light, making it hard to see.

How do you want this room to feel?

If you have a large white room that looks stark and feels uncomfortable, then you might want to use more color.  If you live in a warm climate, then you might consider a cooler color on the walls like soft blue or turquoise.  If you want a warmer feel, then you should consider using soft gold, bronze or even a shade of brown.

1401572289 Transitional living room

This client wanted a cooler color in their room.


 Make sure you do your furniture plan first so you will know where you will need lighting.

There are a lot of choices for lighting your home.  It is best to use a combination of lighting fixtures.

Bathroom lighting

For this client we used vertical sconces mounted head high so the lighting would be even on the face. Lighting mounted up high creates shadows on peoples faces.


Draperies – What will they do for my room and do I need help from an Interior Designer?

Draperies are often a focal point of a room. They can beautifully frame a window and also add color, texture and softness to a room. Todays newer homes have high ceilings, lots of drywall and hard surface floors.  Draperies give you the ability to greatly improve your acoustics.  Custom draperies, when done correctly, can add artistic detail and drama to your room.

1401573324 Tall silk draperies

I used tall dramatic silk draperies for this client

6- ACCESSORIES -  How to finish the look.

 Accessories, along with draperies, are one of the most artistic areas of interior design.  This is also an area where you might need the help of a professional interior designer.

Where do you start?  Stand back and look at your room and look to see what spots need to be completed or softened.  Some areas may be a focal point and need a great piece of art.  Other areas just may need to be filled or softened.

Large transitional artwork

This client wanted a large elegant painting over their 126 inch sofa.

Look at your room as a whole, like it is a giant painting that needs to be finished. Stand back or look down on your room from above to see what areas need something extra.

 >>>>Part 1 on "How to Redecorate your Plano, Texas Home"<<<< 

In summary, there are 6 areas that need to be covered when redecorating your home.  They are:

1.  Start with patterns for the room

2.  Plan your comfort

3.  Selecting your paint colors is very important

4.  Lighting must be planned out -makes it much easier on the electrician

5.  Window treatments --add color, texture and softness and help with the acoustics

6.  Accessories-- they finish the look and make the redecorating complete.

I hope this gives you something to think about as you decorate your home in Texas.

Redecorating your home CTA


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