How to pick out a Chandelier that is an Interior Design Hit

Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Jul 02, 2014 @ 03:47 PM
Michael Foran

A good interior designer can help you pick out a beautiful chandelier for your home.

Chandeliers now come in all sizes and shapes, as well as different materials.  Who doesn't like to see a light, airy and heavenly glow from overhead?

There are wrought iron and bronze chandeliers as well as amazing crystal chandeliers.    There are  modern and antique chandeliers.  There are chandeliers shaped like star pendants and those shaped like coral. There are airplane and balloon chandeliers made for children's bedrooms and there are tiny crystal chandeliers for baby rooms.

Chandeliers used to be only in dining rooms and entryways but now they are being used in great rooms as well as bedrooms.  You can really create a wonderful style for your home by choosing the right chandelier for your foyer and your dining room.

Here are 3 things that are very important when picking out a chandelier.

1.  SIZE

Size is important when picking out a chandelier.  It is important to get a chandelier that is not going to overwhelm a space.  

In a dining room you should choose a chandelier that has a diameter that is half of the diameter of the tabletop. The height depends on the height of the room.  However, sometimes breaking the rules makes it look better.  Always be careful that the chandelier is hung at a height so no one gets a bumped head.

Here is another way to figure out what size chandelier you should choose.  If you add the width and length of the room in meters and multiply it by 10 you will have the right size needed for the chandelier in centimeters.  Another way to get the right size is to consult with your professional interior designer.

In a child's bedroom a mini chandelier can really add interest.  There are chandeliers for both boys and girls bedrooms with the girls chandeliers being more delicate and the boys chandeliers are usually based on boats, planes or sports.

If you have a more formal master bedroom, a chandelier is a nice touch. Again, it has to be just the right size and in the right space.


You need to be sure that the chandeliers you pick out go with the overall style of your decorating, but that doesn't mean that they should be from the same manufactures collection. It is much more interesting to find unique shapes and styles that compliment each other.  


If you have a new home and are making the lighting selections, be sure to pay extra attention to the chandeliers needed.  It is very important to find one for the foyer that expresses your unique style and that of your home.



The color of the chandelier is also very important. The effect you are wanting to produce from the chandelier and the interior of your home will help you choose the right color for your chandelier.  Do you want a strong accent color to stand out in your chandelier?  Or do you want your chandelier to blend in with the other colors in your home?

If you have a modern interior, bright colors will work fine for you.  If you are more traditional, choose the color which is the second most dominant color in your interior design.  Having a crystal clear chandelier with transparent glass is an easy way to pick out a traditional chandelier.  

So again, here are the 3 things to remember when choosing a perfect chandelier for your home.

1.  Choosing the right SIZE for your chandelier is very important.  It should not overpower the interior of a room.

2.  When choosing the right STYLE you may need the help of a professional interior designer.

3.  The right COLOR for your chandelier depends on your style and your interior design in your home.  

Remember, Lighting your home is not an easy task.  When you are selecting lighting for your home it should be a priority to have functional lighting.  Lamps and sconces and chandeliers are all important in decorating your home.  Hiring a professional interior designer will make it easier for you to make the correct lighting decisions for your home.

Chandeliers are the jewelry of the interior of your home.  They not only offer light but serve as a decor element.  A chandelier can also be the focal point of any room. See the photos below to see some of the various chandeliers used in awesome settings. 

Foyer chandelier 

Hand painted glass chandelier

Chandelier in barrel vault ceiling

Dramatic traditional chandelier

Dining room chandelier

The perfect chandelier for this eclectic dining room.

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