How Do I Determine What Interior Design Style Is Right For Me?

Posted by Michael Foran on Thu, Jun 26, 2014 @ 03:48 PM
Michael Foran

There are there so many interior design styles and which one is right for me?

You are right.  There are many many interior design styles.  Some are traditional styles, some are contemporary, and some are in-between, which is called transitional.  There are neo-classic, country french, modern, and so many other styles.  

A professional interior designer will be able to capture your personal interior design style and taste by asking you many questions and getting to know you and what you like and what you dislike.  The best interior design style is one that is created just for you based on your personal style.

The designer may ask you to show him or her some photos of rooms you admire.  Maybe you like the color, maybe you like the window treatments or maybe you like the various patterns that are in the room.  This is helpful because after you find some pictures of rooms that you like, you may begin seeing a pattern emerge.  

 It would also be helpful if you ask yourself some of these questions.

  • Is your lifestyle casual or formal?
  • What type of entertaining do you do?
  • How would you like this room to function?
  • How many people will use this room?
  • Does this room get heavy or light wear?
  • What colors do you like?
  • What colors do you dislike?
  • Do you like neutral or colored backgrounds?
  • Do you like light, medium or dark shades?
  • Do you prefer soft or intense color?
  • Do you like warm or cool colors?
  • What type of fabrics do you like?
  • How do you feel about mixing patterns?
  • Are there any allergies to fibers that we should be aware of?
  • Do you like straight lines or curved lines?
  • Do you like metal tables?
  • Do you like glass or marble tops?
  • Do you like carving or detail?

There are many details that go into determining your interior design style.  After you answer the questions above and others, you will begin to realize your style.  The easiest thing would be to consult a good professional interior designer who would be able to ascertain what style you like because that is what they do.  What you want to do is paint a picture of the design style that is perfect for you and your family.

The other advantage to finding your personal design style is that it won't be a trend and therefore will not go out of style. The reason design trends go out of style after a few years is that people see too much of the some look and get tired of it.

Your interior design style should be about you and your family, not about what is popular in a magazine or some show on TV.

Below are some of the different looks I created for my clients, based on their personal style.

Transitional Design Eclectic Design

          Transitional Design                                           Eclectic Design

Contemporary Design Traditional Design

             Contemporary Design                                 Traditional Design

Rustic Design European Design

                     Rustic Design                                        European Design


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