Beautiful & Functional Lighting Finishes Your Interior Design Project

Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Jul 06, 2014 @ 11:28 AM
Michael Foran

A selection of stylish and beautiful lamps will make your home decorating complete.  


Many different types of lighting will make your interior design more beautiful as well as ensure safety, create effects for displays and artwork, create an area of comfort and better help you carry out work in your home.

Lighting your home is not a simple task.  It is complicated because there are different requirements for different parts of the house.  The lighting needs for a bedroom are different than those needed in a kitchen.  A kitchen needs lots of task lighting so that you can get work completed.  In a bedroom you can have softer lighting and maybe even a chandelier. However, sometimes people want a reading light near their bed.  Everyone is different and that is why it is important to tell your interior designer what your needs are.  

Lamps and sconces and chandeliers are so important in your home.  They not only bring light, but great style as well. They have two roles. They give light and they add beauty to the room. When you are selecting lighting for your home it is a good idea to work with a professional interior designer.  They can provide advice, check your selections, and add their recommendations.  

Paying close attention to your lighting is a good idea because without good lighting your interior design style and unique and personal accessories will not show up.  

Uplights can also be used to illuminate a ceiling and downlights can be used in a narrow hall.

Make sure you don’t use all solid shades for the table lamps because the light will not light up the room. Table lamps are your best lighting for reading and general lighting (Recessed lighting works ok for general lighting but the glare from the exposed bulb can be irritating in most settings).

There are many types of lamps. Table, floor and buffet lamps are great for desks, bedside and reading. They usually have a downward light.

Torchieres are a more dramatic source of light with a shade that directs light upward. They look great in a corner or on two sides of an entrance.

Buffet lamps are a form of table lamp, usually tall and slender. They are used in pairs on a console or dresser.

Lamps can help determine how much a room is enjoyed, how useful it is and in many cases, how beautiful it can be.

contemporary mercury glass lamp
 A contemporary mercury glass lamp adds sparkle to this client's room

Unique hand crafted lamp

This unique hand crafted lamp adds interest to this dining room

Master bath lighting

This client wanted great make-up lighting in her master bath. With light high and low you will not have shadows on your face.

Unique buffet lamps

This client wanted unique buffet lamps
Dramatic lighting

This client wanted dramatic lighting on their barrel vaulted ceiling.

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