Interior Design Tips To Decorate Small Spaces in Your Luxury Home

Posted by Michael Foran on Mon, Jul 14, 2014 @ 04:14 PM
Michael Foran

How to decorate small spaces in your Luxury home and make it extraordinary.

decorate small spaces in your luxury home

My client wanted her vestibule to be extraordinary. I used moldings, a faux paint treatment, a beautiflul chandelier and a mosaic stone medallion to make this small space special.

Think about decorating the small space that you have and how you can make it into something special.

Do you want to change the ceiling, the walls or the floor?  Do you want to use a unique and interesting piece of furniture in that spot?   Do you want to use it for art?  

small spaces in your luxury home

We created a special place for this work of art.

Ceilings can have architectural details added to them like crown molding, molding added to the ceiling and small domes. You can also add paint treatments and unique lighting. There are many talented faux paint painters who would love to put something special on your ceilings or walls.

There are many ways that your walls in a small space can be made beautiful. Walls can have moldings, paint treatments, wallpaper, sconces, niches, murals and artwork. It all depends on your space.  Sometimes a wall mural will look like it is actually going into a garden.  That enlarges the room and gives it a special beauty all its own.
decorate luxury home CTA
Flooring can be a distinctive tile, a wonderful wood or a beautiful marble.  It can have a unique design that will add character and beauty to the small area. You can do many things like adding decorative inlays to a marble, tile or wood floor.  

There are a  lot of choices and you don't want to over do it. Think what is special about your small space  and make that the focal point. Then try to tie in the other areas to compliment your focal point. Unique accessories help to make a small space stunning. 

make small spaces in your luxury home extraordinary

You can make a small space in your foyer special by using a unique chest and interesting accessories.

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