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Posted by Michael Foran on Wed, Jul 16, 2014 @ 04:02 PM
Michael Foran

Many people ask us how they can update their home.  

They have usually lived in their Plano home 10-15 years and want a more finished artistic updated look. They may even want a different look entirely from the one they currently have but want to keep the same basic furniture and floor plan. If you want that finished artistic look in your home, then adding designer home accessories is the  way to go.

Artistic home accessories

Handmade artistic accessories add a lot of interest to this traditional buffet.


One of the best sources for designer home accessories is the markets.  These markets take place in New York, High Point, Las Vegas and other places around the world.  They are open only to retailers and interior designers.  They are open only certain times of the year and only for a week during that time.  


Interior designers who go to the markets are the best source for designer home accessories.  Pillows, artwork, sculptures, lamps, and any other things that you might want to change to update your room are all found at the different markets with a great variety of colors, textures and styles. 

An interior designer can help you create a "new" and fresh look to your room. They have so many wonderful resources to help you with your new style or updated look.

 Update your Plano TX home with accessories

We found these accessories for this client at market.

Home accessories

We found this floral at market.

Metal sculpture

This metal sclupture worked great for this client

Foyer home accessoriesThese traditional home accessories work great over this console.

If you want someone who goes to the decorative accessory markets and will hunt for unique and special items just for you, call on an interior designer who goes to the decorative accessory markets. They can find the perfect accessory for every spot in your home.

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