How An Interior Designer Can Help You With Your Plano TX Home

Posted by Michael Foran on Sat, Jul 12, 2014 @ 11:00 AM
Michael Foran

A lot of people are redecorating their Plano, TX homes and a professional interior designer can help you in many ways.

There is a trend in the Plano area to update the homes to be more like the new home in North Dallas area. Some want to mix in comtemporay with their traditional to create an eclectic look and some want to lighten up the color scheme in their home.

An interior designer can help you with your Plano, TX home

You can update your home by using lighter background colors, mixing new with old and bringing in bright accent colors.


What can a professional interior designer do for you?

1.  We listen to you.  Your goals and dreams for your home are our goals.

2.  We analyze your decorating goals..  We have furniture resources from all over the world.

3.  We solve your decorating problems.  Because we have decades of design experience, we can construct comprehensive solutions to help you have the home of your dreams. 


4.  We offer honest expert advice for your decorating dilemmas.  Our design team is built on Knowledge, Experience, Honesty and Integrity.


5.  Our design services are client customized and client-focused.  That is why no decorating project is the same.  Our relationships are built on trust.  We offer customized portfolios and unique project design.  


6.  We help clients visualize their decorating goals and we help them define their design goals.  We work as a team with you. We offer direction to meet your decorating objectives.


Who are our clients?

The clients we work with are busy, successful people who value simplifying their lives by having our design team help them with all their decorating needs.  

Service, teamwork and relationships are what makes a good design project work.

Updated kitchen design

Updated kitchen 

Updated interior design

Contemporary chairs with a traditional table give you an updated eclectic look. 

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You may ask,"What other ways can a professional interior designer help me?"

1.  A professional interior designer can offer you solutions that you may not have thought of as an option. When you have a design problem they know ways to fix things from their vast experience and knowledge.  Interior designers travel to different trade shows, attend seminars and maintain large libraries of catalogs and samples to choose from.


2.  They can save you, the client, the effort of research and cost of travel to get what you need.  They offer solutions and products that aren't seen in the stores you visit.  They give you a professional opinion and input on a major purchase so that you have confirmation that you are solving your design problem in the most effective way.

3.  Professional interior designers can help you narrow down the selections that you have to choose from.  Can you afford to make a costly design mistake?  They have the education and experience to narrow down the selections for you.  This eliminates the possibility of a poor purchasing decision.  Interior designers know the quality that different furniture manufactures have and can help you choose good quality furniture.

4.  A professional interior designer will measure carefully and create a scaled furniture plan before ordering any furniture to make sure everything will fit and that there will be plenty of room to get around in the room.  This in itself will save you a lot of money.  You will not buy oversized furniture or too much furniture for your room because it will be all planned out to scale just for your room.  Furniture looks quite different in a store than it will in your room.  It will be affected by the light, the paint color and the ceiling height. Sometimes what looks great on a showroom floor will not look good in your home.  Interior designers always take this into account and plan accordingly.

If you want to save money and avoid costly mistakes, hire a professional interior designer to help with your next design project.

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