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Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Jul 27, 2014 @ 02:31 PM
Michael Foran

The quickest and easiest way to update your home decorating is by using color.  How do we determine what color is best for our home?  Everyone is different and there are so many beautiful colors in the world.


The classic question is whether the green observed by one person is the same as the green someone else sees.  Did you know that the Smithsonian is the world's largest museum and research complex?  Did you also know that according to an article on the Smithsonian website, color dictionaries were developed by 19th century naturalists to help them distinguish between species?


Color was considered an important part of distinguishing species and subspecies of plants and animals.  The color dictionaries were made up of swatches, names and numbers.  They had descriptions such as "Dragons blood red".


Color palettes evolved from these dictionaries.  Now we have the Pantone Color Chart which is created each year and shows us the latest color trends. How do color trends develop?  The inspiration for color trends come from many sources, including European and U.S. shelter magazines.  They also check Pinterest color trend boards for influences in fashion, home goods, paints and furniture from different parts of the world. 


We all know that blues, purples, teals and oranges are becoming more popular.  Some designers take this to the extreme by having whole rooms made up of purple hues.  This is fine as long as the people living in the home like purple with a passion.  This years pantone color of the year 2014 was, of course, RADIANT ORCHID.  It is a pinky purple color and you can now find it in lipsticks, nail polish, cardigans and coffee makers.

Below is an embossed leather chair with nailhead trim in a new and fresh color.

color of the year


Last year the pantone color was EMERALD GREEN.  It is a radiant lush green and could be seen in jewelry, dishes, table accessories and clothing.  TANGERINE TANGO was the color for 2012. One of the major color transitions in recent years is a shift toward BLUE.  Consumers have been responding to blue in all its many shades.

The gorgeous bowl below is a wonderful way to update your accessory colors.

blue glass coffee table


Consumers go-to design color in 2014 are Blues with 30% of the market.  The sea of different blues is an upcoming strength, especially in the traditional area.  There has also been a good response to new metallic shades because the hint of luster is a great accent for transitional patterns.

The majority of best selling colors are always going to be neutrals in home furnishings.  However, colors like denim blue, peacock blue, acid green and spicy oranges and reds are selling well along with more muted plums and pink/purple colors.

Below you can see a peacock and some amazing peacock blue pillows that make it easy to update your home. 

  Interior design color peacock blue  Peacock blue chair                                

Color is always an effective tool to add punch, vitality and excitment to your home furnishings decor.  Although you may want to stick to neutrals for your main furnishings, you may want to add an accent chair or a cocktail ottoman in a bolder color. Selective and thoughtful punches of color will add a lot to your home and made it more exciting and fresher.

So whether you add teal, bright blue or yellow or orange to your home decor, it is all a personal choice and will do a lot to update your home.

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