5 Key Trends in Home Building & Interior Design for 2014

Posted by Michael Foran on Fri, Aug 01, 2014 @ 06:03 PM
Michael Foran

There are 5 key trends in new home interior design. 

1-Spa appeal bathrooms

Spa appeal bathrooms that function as a home's retreat are popular with all adults. It is a great way to design for everyone who wants relaxation.  These master bathrooms can be stylish and beautiful and soothing. They are enjoyable to use and delightful to see.  

The master bathroom below has a seat in the shower and a tv on the wall. It also has a nice soft cushioned bench in front of the window.

 Spa master bath

 Here is another look at the same bathroom. It not only has large mirrors but also storage place that is decorative and pretty.


Master bath trend

2- Inside being let outside-using your patio or deck area

From Texas to California to Florida and even to cooler states like Michigan and New York, more outdoor spaces are being used all over.  What is this outdoor space being used for?  Well, it's not just being used for play equipment for the kids or for a hammock or swing for the adults.


It  is being used for cooking equipment, nice furnishings and fire pits. Fire pits are the most requested item after outdoor kitchens. New homes are being built with outdoor pizza ovens as well as grills. The new outdoor heat lamps are also very popular. Everything that makes it easier and fun to entertain outdoors is popular in new homes.

Outdoor living

3- Wide open spaces inside the home

Many clients want to have wide open spaces within their home.  They don't want the kitchen area to be cut off from the family room.  They want everyone to be part of the entertaining. People like to have a roomy feeling so it's not unusual that many new homes have a wide open space in their kitchen-dining-great room area. This open floor plan is very popular in many of the new model homes.

The kitchen and eating area below also flow into a large family room, making it a nice wide open space for entertaining. 

Open kitchen living space

4- Fantasy islands in the kitchen/dining areas

The fantasy island is one that is large or could mean having 2 islands in the kitchen. More new homes are having larger islands, having more than one island and making the islands more decorative as well as practical. Some include a special sink, others include a range, and some are just used as an extra seating area.

Here is an example of a home with 2 islands.  One island is a workspace while the other is an informal seating area  

2 island custom kitchen

5- Little work space pockets within the home

Little work space pockets within a new home are also popular. These spaces can be in a kitchen corner, a stairwell or a hallway. Any small space can be put to good use for extra storage, a bookcase, a desk area or a phone/computer area. These areas that put small spaces to use are very practical and popular, too.

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