decorating ideas

How to update your home from dark and dated to light and modern.

I am getting a lot of requests from people about how they can update their home furnishings and interior design in their home. There are a lot of homes that have dark gold/brown paint through their home. Their furniture is also dark and elaborate. Old World was the fad 15 years ago and now some people are tired of it. They tell me that they want to lighten up their homes and have a cleaner look. Below are some CAD (computer aided design) photos of the same room. The before photo is what I see in a lot of homes. The after photo shows what can be done. Updated living room

CAD (computer aided design) is a great way to to help clients visualize their space.

 CAD is 3D Rendering that produces photo realistic images of a client's room. We use computer aided design because it help our clients visualize their rooms. CAD is good in that it can give you a photo realistic idea of what the room will look like finished. Below are some photo realistic CAD photos of rooms that I have designed.

Mirrors can visually expand your room and add excitement.

The CAD photos below show rooms I have designed with mirrors to make the rooms seem larger. There are two important things to remember when using floor to ceiling mirrors: In order to get the full effect, the mirror should be from floor to ceiling. If you just put a mirror on the wall you will still see the wall that it is hanging on. You only want to see the reflection. In a rectangular room, always put the mirror on the long wall. It will visually double the space, so if you have a narrow room and you put it on the end wall , your room will look like a hallway.

How do I decorate my Frisco TX home?

What are the most important things I should do?  Do I need the help of an interior designer?

A lot of home owners in Frisco are wanting to decorate their home to be more comfortable for them and more practical and liveable.  Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. There are many new homes that need to be furnished as well as exising homes that need redecorating and remodeling. The most important part is to have a plan.