high end furniture

What you need to know about high end leather furniture.

We recently attended a seminar at the Dallas Decorative Center.  It was a high end leather furniture seminar.

High end leather furniture

 Thirty years ago leather was only 3% of  upholstery sales in the U.S., but today leather is 24% of the upholstery sales in the U.S.  Did you know that leather is projected to be 40% of all upholstery sales in the future?

Your interior designer is a great way to find the best high end traditional furniture


If you want to find the very best high end traditional furniture for your Dallas area home, you may want to contact your interior designer.  They have the most resources and are in touch with the best companies of traditional furniture.  

The desire for a happy home life is very important.  Faith, family, relationships and livelihood are things that shape the way we live our lives. Having a nice home and comfortable living provides the environment for inspired living. Dallas interior designers can help you have the home that you long for.


High end traditional furniture is enduring and beautiful. 


It is ageless quality furniture and has a good reputation.  It is made for an elegant and beautiful home with the range of furniture offered by luxury furniture manufactures. There is quality furniture from every country including Great Britain, France, Germany, as well as many other countries.  


"Designer furniture Dallas TX" is a search term people use when looking for high end furniture in the Plano area.

Here are some other things to think about when decorating your Dallas area luxury home. 


One of the first things you should do is find a professional interior designer who will get to know you and what you like in furniture. They will ask you many questions to find out what style of furniture that you like. Then they can help you find designer furniture that is just right for you.