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Everyone wants "Fashion Inspired Living" and you can have it by getting unique accent pieces.  Whether it's a stunning coffee table made of natural unfinished teakwood or a sexy cocktail table made in metal clad champagne silver, there was a lot to choose from at the 2017 High Point Market. This beautiful satiny black cushioned bench is luxurious but also practical.  It looks especially pretty when placed in front of a mirror.

There were lots of new rug products and interior design trends at the Dallas 2016 Total Home Market.  Interior designers loved the new indoor/outdoor rug programs.  There were rugs for every taste, including new bright patterns as well as neutral designs.

There were loose, organic and water color-like patterns in some rugs that enliven neutral palettes.  Also, modern folklore, a theme that evokes history-steeped carpet-making techniques is becoming more popular.  



Exciting lighting designs were found at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market.  

Lighting encompasses a large area.  There are chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, and pendants.  There are also outdoor lights, ceiling fixtures, and various types of shades.

At the Dallas Total Home & Gift Show, there were up to date decorating ideas, unique home decor accessories and exciting lighting fixtures that demonstrate the latest trends.  They also offerred inspiring items for creating attractive and stylish interior design with rich and neutral color combinations and beautiful materials.


Some lighting is not only practical but is also a true work of art.   In the magnificent light shown below, the hanging light is made to look like a shimmering jellyfish.  


This summer the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market featured shiny metallic finishes, plenty of reflections and opulent elegance.


 Some people even labeled it "the Bling Game".  There were so many shiny accents, on lamps, on wall decor, on pilliows, and on tables and chairs.  Here are some of the magnificent accents and accessories that we saw at the Market.

 Shiny fish on a wall.  Who would think this would make such a statement?  The fish are of all types and have two things in common.  They never get bigger and they always look good.  


This blog is Part 2 of the Plano Interior Designer Report on 2014 Home Furnishings Market

CASEGOODS--What we saw

There were lots of snazzy new casegoods.  Mid-century modern is still around, as is neotraditional and contemporary design elements.  There were also plenty of European traditional pieces (such as English country style)  and Hollywood Glam styles. Mirrored accents and silver leaf finishes adorn the glam-inspired looks that combine mixed media and colorful accent finishes.

Glam influences could be seen on mirrored accents on bed posts, dining table legs, and the door fronts of case pieces.  Mirrored accents and silver leaf finishes adorned the casegoods and have plenty of Bling..


This glamorous bed is inspired by the Hollywood legend, Humphry Bogart.  Notice the beautiful tray on the bed.