interior design trends


There are 7 new furniture trends that will impact furnishing your Frisco home.

 These not only affect the furniture that you purchase but also affect the way you live in your new home. Some of these trends were presented by architect and designer Heather McCune at the recent NEXT Conference as well as trends that we see with our clients here in Frisco TX.

1.  Traditional dining rooms are getting changed into other social areas such as expanded kitchens or wine and conversation rooms.  Sometimes the living room is changed into a hearth room.  Usually people love turning their living room into a conversation room which is smaller in scale and very intimate.

new furniture trends Conversation_wine_room-6-169296-edited.jpg

Convert your little used dining roominto a conversation room.

What's popular in interior design trends for 2016?  If you want to learn more about the newest trend that is becoming popular in the United States, it is minimalist Nordic design. This trend is gaining popularity as many Americans seek to balance their work life with their home life and create spaces where they can unwind, unplug and relax.