Master Bath

Turn your master bathroom into a luxury resort style spa

Instead of going to a resort / spa, why not give your home the amenities of a luxury resort. In a previous blog I talk about "How to add a Resort Style Spa to Your Home". In this blog I will talk about how to change your master bathroom into a luxury resort style spa. Luxury Resort Style Master Bathroom In the CAD (computer aided design) photo above you can see a design that was created to give the feel of a luxury resort. This design has Rhythm and Harmony which are two of the basic principles of interior design. The repeating arches gives you rhythm in the room by creating visual interest. Harmony is created by using tone on tone color of the wall and floor. Harmony will make you feel relaxed.

Find out how to turn your master bathroom into a luxury high end spa


How many people enjoy going to a spa?  Most people do enjoy it.   You get a feeling of calm and relaxation.  Why not turn your Master Bathroom into your own personal spa?


  Notice the gorgeous chandelier, the amazing oriental rug and the divine ottoman.  The ornate drapery treatment, the beautiful bronze statues and the classy columns add to the ambience of the room.