Window Treatments

Designer window treatments are window designs that are made just for you and your unique large windows in the North Dallas Ft Worth area. The Dallas area has a lot of sunshine and quality window treatments can protect your home from the damage of the sun. They can also control the amount of light you want to come into your home and help conserve energy.

Designer window_treatments-interior-designers-Dallas-TX.jpg

Two story drapery treatments can add drama and excitement to your decorating.

2 story window treatments need to be designed right and you should get professional help from an interior designer. Below are some of the two story draperies I have worked on and how we solved the client's problems.


This client wanted elegant draperies for her two story great room but wanted them to complement her architecture and not block her view. I designed these sidepanels to frame her windows while allowing maximum view. We decided on a silk fabric and beautiful trim and elegant tassels to give her the sophisticated look she wanted. The top of the drapery curved like the moldings (see below).